A B O U T   U S

Art in Motion Pets started in 1991 with a seminar on saving money on our taxes. Mike was operations manager for a trucking company. Melissa was a secretary at the power company. We decided to give the tax saving concept a whirl and started a small business to get a better tax return. Mike enjoyed the 110-gallon aquarium he got for his 40th birthday and thought that leasing aquariums would be a great thing to do in his leisure time. Thus the name of our business, “Art in Motion,” an ever-changing art form for your office.

People saw our aquariums in various offices and asked Mike if they could get other pet supplies from him. That turned into having 700 sq. ft. of our home becoming a mini pet store. Long story short: We took the plunge and moved all that pet stuff into a storefront located in the old car wash building where the Starbucks plaza now sits, across from the Marion Wal-Mart.

We moved from that 1,300 sq. ft. space to the old building next to Pizza Hut and quickly filled that 2,600 sq. ft. space. We have been in our current 6,000 sq. ft. space since 1994.


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