Holiday Safety

Keep the following away from your pet:

Fatty and rich foods
Chocolate (Dark chocolate can be fatal to dogs)
Uncooked meat, fish, and poultry
Garbage (plastic bags)
Poisonous plants like mistletoe, poinsetta, cyclamen, amaryllis, holly, and azaleas.
Ribbons, yarn, and string causes intestinal obstruction and bunching and could get around your pet's neck
Adhesives and glues appeal to animals, especially cats.
Potpourri containing oils
Candles (never leave unattended with pets

Christmas Trees

Place on a stable stand, or use wires to anchor it to your wall.
Tree needles can be toxic and cause stomach irritation.
Tinsel can cause intestinal problems
Electric shock from chewing electrical cords is dangerous, spray them with 'Bitter Apple'
Place ornaments that are small, or can be broken up, up hig.
Avoid using food for tree decoration.




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