Raw Food FAQs

Heat processing, which is standard in the pet food industry, changes or destroys many important nutrients. In fact, some nutrients now recognized as essential have only been identified in the last few years. Doesn’t it make sense to stay as close to food’s natural state as possible?

Many pet owners have been convinced that so-called corrective diets (a special regimen for allergy, digestive troubles, obesity, etc.) are the best way to improve health problems. They may help certain symptoms simply by providing a change, but may not treat underlying causes. By feeding your pet a diet rich in raw foods, you’re letting nature provide the best - naturally balanced - nutrition.

Some of the Benefits of Raw Foods

• Minerals better assimilated
• Vitamins more bioavailable
• Beneficial antioxidants present
• Amino acids more bioavailable
• Natural digestive enzymes still present
• Probiotics spared
• Amino acids such as taurine are not destroyed

Some of the Negative Effects of Heat Processing

• Loss of up to 100% of certain vitamins
• Loss of up to 60% of certain amino acids
• Enzymes destroyed
• Probiotics destroyed
• Loss of up to 10% of certain fatty acids
• Fats can become toxic or rancid
• Oxidation of cholesterol




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