Chuck is our store manager and comes to us from Roanoke, Virginia. He worked for us as a student at IWU back in 1992. He returned to Indiana in 2009 and we were happy to have him back. Chuck is our resident fish geek and loves problem solving.


Arna grew up in Swayzee and is a Taylor University graduate. She has been at Art in Motion since 2007. She loves kids and many of them know they can get a quarter for the candy machine from Arna.


Sonya has been a customer for many, many years and joined our team in 2012. She is one of our employees who loves pets so much that she has accumulated quite a zoo at her home. Her first pet was a poodle named Casper ~ wonder what color Casper was?


Sara has been with us since 1996. She is a graduate of The New York School of Dog Grooming and has been a professional groomer since 1987. Her pet family includes a black lab, Remington, and three felines; Boots, TJ, and Tyga.


Sarah Casto has worked at Art in Motion since 2011 and recently joined our grooming staff.   She loves life and it shows!


Jodie joined our grooming shop in 2012.  She has been a professional groomer for ten years. She has a Pekingese named Soshi and a Chinese Crested Hairless named Jet Li. She is enjoying getting to know our customers and their pets!

Heidi works hard bathing in our grooming shop... and it is hard work! She stays very busy with her pets and children.


Danielle joined us at Art in Motion in 2011. She is a graduate of Madison Grant High School and was raised on a farm. Needless to say, Danielle has lots of pets.


Emma is a senior at Oak Hill High School.   Her pets include dogs, cats, rats and rabbits.  She loves all things *artsy*.  She's easy to spot with her fun hair color!


Rachel grew up in South Bend and is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University. She and her husband, Jeff, have four *kids* - a dog name Sasha, and three cats named Luke, Sampson, and Mara.

Liz Edmonds loves to travel and recently visited Ireland.  In her spare time, she likes to read, draw and write.  She has two dogs and a gecko named Dillinger


Madison Tedder likes bike rides and taking walks. She enjoys drawing,  painting and playing video games.  She has a kitten - Raya, a hedgehog- Finn and a fish named Gregg.


Kassie Sutton is a senior at Mississinewa High School.  She loves to read and draw. Her family has two Akitas, a Yorker and a tabby cat.


Melissa grew up in Sweetser and cannot remember life without a dog. Mike is a graduate of Midwestern Baptist College and fondly remembers having pet chickens as a kid. Working side-by-side as husband and wife is fun (almost every day - ha!). They look back with amazement at how God has guided their steps to the happy life they enjoy.

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