A D D I N G   F I S H

Start with only a few hardy fish. We recommend starting with Danios, Barbs, or certain species of Tetras. These fish withstand the nitrogen cycle better.

We recommend 1 of fish per gallon of water for most setups. Larger or aggressive fish will require more room than that.

Balance your tank with top, middle, and bottom dwelling species.

Always mix fish of comparable size.

Livebearers will do best if you have 2 females and 1 male

Schooling fish do best if you have 3 or more

Algae Eaters Have only one or two per 10 gallons and only purchase them after the nitrogen cycle is complete

Taking Your New Fish Home

Transport your new fish home immediately.

Avoid direct sunlight and changes in temperature on the ride home

Float bag in aquarium for 15 minutes. Then, slowly add some of your aquarium water to the bag a few times spread out over another 15 minutes.

Carefully net the fish from the bag and place it into your aquarium. DO NOT pour bag water into your aquarium.




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