F I S H   B O W L S
  • Keep only one goldfish per 2 gallons of water.

  • A cover is not needed but is recommended, as sometimes fish will jump out.

  • A filter is not necessary, but highly recommended, as it will help remove both solid and chemical waste and keep the water looking clear.

  • One inch of gravel at the bottom will provide good surface area for good bacteria to grow on. This will help break down some of the goldfish's waste.

  • Tap water should not be used on it's own to keep fish, a water conditioner (such as Aqua Plus) must be added first to remove chemicals like chlorine and heavy metals.

  • Add a 1/2 teaspoon of aquarium salt per gallon of water to your bowl. This will help prevent and cure disease.

  • It is best, and much less stressful to the fish, to do small water changes more frequently than large ones once in a while. For bowls under five gallons, change 1-2 cups of water every day, and one half of the water every week by putting half of the water and the fish in a bucket and then stir up the gravel inside the container. Then try and dump out as much of the debris as you can. This will help keep your "good" bacteria in your gravel alive.

  • Remember to add a water conditioner and aquarium salt to the new water before putting it back in your bowl. The chlorine in tap water will kill your "good" bacteria.

  • Fish will catch disease whenever they become too stressed. Moving from one bowl to another, not changing water frequently, overfeeding, and adding too many fish will cause stress.

  • Always have a jug of water, already conditioned and at room temperature, available. This will make water changes quicker and easier.

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