Art in Motion's
Freshwater Fish Guarantee

At Art in Motion Pets, we sell the highest quality of
fish possible. We guarantee our freshwater fish for
TWO DAYS at 100% Replacement Value and
FIVE DAYS, after that, at 50% Replacement Value

Sorry, but no cash refunds are given on fish. Fish losses due to incompatibility or jumping out of the aquarium are excluded.
If a problem does occur, In order to receive your replacement fish, please bring in the following:

1. The receipt
2. The deceased fish
3. A sample of aquarium water,
(about 1 cup) without the fish in it

We want to prevent any fish losses. We will test your aquarium
water at NO CHARGE. We cannot guarantee a fish if there
is a problem with your water quality. Also, we recommend
that no fish be added until the water quality is corrected.



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