Starting a new Aquarium
Essential supplies checklist Suggested supplies checklist

Aquarium Housing for fish & plants


Air Pump Adds oxygen to the water

Light & Hood Enhances viewing & colors, secures fish and helps promote healthy plant growth.
Air Line Tubing Path for air to flow from the air pump into aeration devices
Aquarium Stand Evenly supports the weight of the
Air Stones Adds bubbles to the water for oxygen and circulation
Filter and Filter Media Maintains good water quality and removes debris & impurities from water
Check Valve Stops water from back-siphoning into the air pump
Aquarium Gravel Decorates aquarium bottom and secures plants
Gang Valve To operate multiple aeration devices
Water Conditioner Removes Chlorine from tap water, detoxifies heavy metals, and helps protect fish
Algae Scrapper Removes the build up of algae on aquarium glass
Heater Maintains a consistent warm water temperature
Ammonia Test Kit Checks for harmful ammonia levels
Thermometer Lets you check water temperature
Nitrite Test Kit - Checks for harmful nitrite levels
Aquarium Salt Helps cure and prevent disease and improves gill function
pH Test Kit Checks the degree of acidity or alkalinity of water
Fish Food Supplies nutrition
Live Plants Creates a more natural environment and hiding places for fish
Supplemental Food Adds variety in diet and added nutrition
Rocks Decorates the aquarium and adds a natural hiding places for fish
Cycle or Bio-Spira - Starts and accelerates the nitrogen cycle
Driftwood - Decorates the aquarium and adds a natural hiding places for fish
Fish Net To catch fish and debris

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Gravel Cleaner Removes excess debris from the gravel
Books For general information, and proper fish care